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LG Mobile

Strategic Brand Marketing Class | Fall 2018

To reenergize a fading phone brand, we created marketing strategies that enhance the

company's strengths and reposition it as a vibrant brand leader. 


The Context

Ah, fruits and vegetables. We all love them, but much of the produce we buy goes bad before we can eat it, and unfortunately, has to be thrown away. Does that sound like you? Well, you're not alone.


The average American ends up throwing out about 20% of the fruits and vegetables that they purchase. Fruits and vegetables account for 39% of all wasted food in the US, equalling an estimated $210 billion each year. What makes this worse is that currently, 90% of Americans are not eating enough fruits and vegetables according to USDA recommended guidelines. 


Phonemakers are on the hunt for the newest, coolest phone technology

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